Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Moments locked in time, 
Blue sky withheld by the arc of divine...

Chirping birds hop around,
Green leaves brushed by the whispering winds...

Shadows and brightness intermix:
Murmurs of routine chore and clanking steps
Blur in the backdrop.

Passion needs to be redefined
For different shades of same
Camouflage in rusting rims.

A single glimpse 
Of a butterfly pair,
Of a fly coasting by your car's windshield, 
Of horizon changing colors through the day,
Of moon emboldening even against bright sunshine:
That which give you a moment's peace,
A moment's breath,
A moment's escape.

Evanescent hope traversing 
Through incoherent waves of imbalance...

Gripped in a tangled mesh,
You see the world walking past,
At a faster and faster pace.

Florescent colors,
Laughter and cries,
Silence and wails,
Juggle about in a circus
Of shallow lives.

A blinding giant wheel that numbs your senses of reality.
Caught up in a vortex,
Of past and future
The present dilates,
In incongruencies that make up most of your life.